Darul Iftaa Chicago is under the supervision of Mufti Abrar Mirza, who has been active in the field of research and writing for a decade under the guidance of Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Durban, South Africa).  Mufti Abrar is broadly recognized amongst the ulama as a leader in the field of fatwas.

Mufti Abrar Mirza

Head Mufti

Mufti Abrar began his Arabic and Islamic Studies at Benedictine University (Lisle, IL) while enrolled in a degree program in Information Systems. Simultaneously, he began Arabic studies at Darul Qasim (Glen Ellyn, IL). He later enrolled in a summer Arabic program at the Ma’had Ta’lim al-Islam in Elgin, IL, upon which he decided to continue his studies in the religious sciences and helped form the first batch of graduate students from the ‘Alim program. He thus had the good fortune to study under recognized scholars, including the renowned commentator of the Quran and former Shaykh al-Hadith of the Dar al-‘Ulum in Deoband, Mawlana Muhammad Na’im (may Allah have mercy on him), under whom he completed the study of Sahih al-Bukhari.

Mufti Abrar graduated from Benedictine University in 2006 with honors and a degree in Information Systems while simultaneously pursuing his Islamic studies full-time. He completed his ‘Alim course in 2007 and, thereafter, enrolled at Madrasah In’aamiyyah (Camperdown, South Africa) to specialize in the field of issuing legal verdicts (fatwas).  In 2009, Mufti Abrar completed his training under the tutelage of Mufti Ebrahim Desai (may Allah have mercy on him), a world renowned jurist and expert in Islamic finance.  He is also fortunate to have received authorization to narrate from forty-four books of hadith.

Mufti Abrar is the founder of the American Fiqh Academy and is active in the field of research and issuing legal verdicts (fatwas).  In addition, he is the Head Mufti at Darul Iftaa Chicago, where he trains ‘ulama in the field of issuing legal verdicts.

Mufti Zeshan Ahmed

Assistant Mufti

Mufti Zeshan Ahmed was born and raised in Springfield, OH. After moving to Chicago in his early teens, he enrolled at the Institute of Islamic Education (Elgin, IL) to memorize the Quran. Upon successful completion of his memorization in 2011, his desire for higher Islamic education led him to enroll in and successfully complete the ‘Alim course at the same institute. In 2017, Mufti Zeshan decided to further his education by specializing in the field of issuing legal verdicts (iftaa) at Darul Iftaa Chicago under the tutelage of Mufti Abrar Mirza (may Allah protect him).

Mufti Zeshan currently serves as the religious director at Masjid Uthman (Lombard, IL) and leads the assisted reading sessions at Darul Iftaa Chicago. In parallel, he continues to pursue specialization in the various modes of Quran recitation.

Mufti Husain Kadodia

Adjunct Faculty

Mufti Husain Kadodia was born in South Africa and currently resides in Durban. In 1997, he enrolled in the ‘Alim course at Madrasah Arabiyyah Islamiyyah in Azadville, where he quickly became known for his academic excellence. After completing the ‘Alim course, Mufti Husain traveled for further studies to different countries, including Mauritania and Syria. In 2003, he enrolled at Madrasah In’aamiyyah to specialize in the field of issuing fatwas under Mufti Ebrahim Desai (may Allah have mercy on him).

Mufti Husain is a recognized expert in the Hanafi madhhab, especially Hanafi books, both printed and manuscripts. Alhamdulillah, he started teaching at Darul Iftaa Chicago in 2021, and he is a blessing to the students and the Darul Iftaa. Mufti Husain primarily teaches Hanafi books and its authors, but he also engages the students on various juridical discussions. He also teaches fiqh and hadith at other local institutions in South Africa.

Shaykh Sa’ad Quadri

Adjunct Faculty

Shaykh Sa’ad Quadri was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. He started his Islamic studies prior to college and continued part-time for the next fifteen years. During that time, Shaykh Sa’ad completed his bachelor’s degree in English and History at Northern Illinois University and his master’s degree in Education at DePaul University. After his master’s, he traveled to Zambia to complete his ‘Alim course. He completed his bachelor’s degree.

After returning back to the US, Shaykh Sa’ad taught at an Islamic high school as an AP English, Islamic Studies, and Quran teacher for nearly a decade. He also spent a few years as an imam at Masjid al-Huda in Greenfield, WI. He has returned to teaching as an Islamic school and provides consulting on educational theory and practice with High Quality Education Consulting (HQEC), with whom he co-authored The War Within Our Hearts and two other books.

Sh. Sa’ad teaches rhetoric and writing skills at the Darul Iftaa.